“We unmask hate with poetry and music”

The collaboration between Adduci and Sulutumana led to the creation of a moving show that also won the Shoah Award: “La farfala sucullo”, a poignant fable between storytelling and songs, set in a concentration camp and centered on the figure of a gypsy, deported as they were Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, diverse and dissidents.

“A passage of that work suggested the key to” The words of hatred “- anticipates Galli – In a scene a Nazi tries to take a woman with violence, to which poetry is opposed. That of hatred, we are sure, is a doped language, which feeds on itself, which is magnified when it encounters other hatred, but which reveals all its littleness when it is unmasked. And this can be done by displacing with a song, with a lyric, with what they don’t expect ».

The appointment of next Thursday (the show is held at the Teatro San Teodoro in Via Corbetta 7 in Cantù, starts at 8.45 pm , free admission subject to availability) was conceived by Diogene, the weekly of Tuesday of La Provincia dedicated to good news , to the stories, to the third sector, to the world of volunteering. Before the show – from 6pm to 8pm – Diogenes’ souls will be in the theater foyer to meet the associations in person and collect suggestions, ideas and ideas.

To open the show on Thursday (at the end of which there will also be a toast with panettone to wish Merry Christmas) Luigi Colzani , president of Csv Insubria, will be on stage, among others , as well as the soul of the cooperative Il Gabbiano di Cantù and historic exponent from the world of volunteering, especially in the Canturino area.

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