Helping your child ease back into daycare at Townsville

Helping your child ease back into the day care routine can be difficult for some parents. This holds especially true when they have been out of the normal routine for an extended period of time. The following are some tips from the experts at childcare Townsville to help children transition back to Day Care.

Have regular talks with the children

Parents should try to talk to the children about day care as often as possible. Getting the children to feel excited about heading back to daycare and encouraging them to be excited about seeing their caregivers and friends is important. Sometimes the child might feel anxious to go back to kindergarten and it is also necessary that you acknowledge those feelings. This would enable the child to come to terms with the fact that it is quite ok to be scared about something. It is also a good time to let them know that there are going to be certain changes which they would experience when they are back at daycare. They may need to know things about physical distancing and having the temperature taken at the beginning of the day. This would enable them to not feel overwhelmed at the time they returned back to daycare.

Try easing them into the routine followed at daycare

Get to know the routine which is followed at the daycare and try to incorporate that in your home routine at least 2 weeks prior to sending your child to Townsville’s Fairfield Waters Early Learning. Children normally respond well to having a routine. They might take some time making the necessary adjustments however once they to everything on time like sleeping and taking them meals things would easily fall into place by the time they started attending daycare.

Introducing learning activities

Try to introduce new learning activities especially the ones which might be taught at daycare. Make sure that you are able to find age appropriate fun activities for the children to do at home. You can find a variety of activities on the internet. Even if they are different from what you have anticipated you can use your own methods and implement them in those activities. You can make use of family time for introducing these activities. Children may want to have their parents involved as well so that they can enjoy to the fullest. You may want to introduce a bedtime reading every night to ease the child into the routine of sleeping on time and also helping them build their cognitive skills through reading.

Despite the fact that you may prepare your child the right way they may still have a little trouble transitioning back to school. This can be attributed to the fact that is going into a new routine is not an easy job. However as parents it is your duty to provide your children with continuous support and to recognize the small successes which they experience on a daily basis as they make their way back into daycare.

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