Common Problems Parents Face With Their Preschoolers And How To Avoid/Fix Them

Preschool is always daunting for parents, mainly because they fear that their kids have entered a new phase of life. It may be an exciting experience for these kids as they go through new experiences. These kids possess different behaviours and have been brought up differently, and therefore, it is hard for them to live in harmony all the time. For this reason, there are several challenges that these kids are likely to face when they are in preschool, but the good thing is that there are always solutions for these challenges.

Challenges in preschool

Do not expect that your kid will be having an easy time in child care Gympie. These kids undergo several challenges that are entirely new to them, so they must come up with new ways to think about things and solve said difficulties. The parents and teachers can learn the fundamental nature of these kids who seem to be innocent. The following are among the challenges you should expect in preschool.

  • Bullying

Some of the kids in preschool are very mean, and they may not have developed empathy and might not be used to playing with kids their age. For this reason, they tend to bully the other kids, especially those that are small or are of the opposite gender. Some parents teach their kids to stand up for themselves, while others might struggle with that lesson. When this happens, they cannot live peacefully with the other kids, and instead of being empathetic, they will be mean.

  • Biting

Some kids in preschool are biters and have not developed a language that they can use to express themselves when they are frustrated. If your kid is playing with such kids and happens to frustrate them without knowing, they might be bitten by another child.

  • Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is among the main challenges that preschoolers go through. They have never been far from their parents, and they are used to always being around them. However, when they go to preschool, they do not have time to be with their parents. They begin experiencing anxiety due to the separation.

  • Lagging in learning

Some of the kids in preschool pick things up quicker than others. There is nothing wrong with it; the teachers should be trained to recognise when some students need more help than others. Some parents take some time to prepare their kids for preschool; therefore, their kids know more than others. Others have not yet shown signs that they are ready to begin preschool, and alas, their parents may not have prepared them in any way. For this reason, some kids may have challenges when it comes to mastering how to read and write as other kids do.

  • Boredom

Kids spend so much time watching television and playing with other kids when they are at home. In preschool, some routines and schedules have to be strictly followed, which might become boring for the kid to the point that she does not understand why learning should be fun.

How to solve these challenges

Each of the problems above has a specific solution that can bring it to an end. These solutions include:

  • Boredom: Always ensure that the kid is occupied all the time.
  • Learning lag: Parents should prepare their kids for preschool in advance. Teachers should also treat all kids equally despite their mastery abilities.
  • Separation anxiety: Parents should always allow their kids to spend some time away from them. Teachers should offer kids a distraction when they realise that they have separation anxiety.
  • Biting: Teachers and parents should teach kids how to express themselves when in different situations.
  • Bullying: Parents and teachers should teach kids about being empathetic.

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