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Sand pebbles is music school located in Australia. The school is named after a popular Australian band named “Sand Pebbles”. The aim of this school is to provide a platform to kids, teenagers and adults to learn and experience music and dance in an extraordinary manner. The school cover the music education very comprehensively and in an engaging and fun way for all our students.

What We Do!

Our music school is dedicated for all the people who are willing to learn music, dance in a professional manner. Therefore, to cater the vast needs of our students we provide vast services which are discussed below in detail.

Courses We Offer:

Starting with, the courses offered include individual instrument classes, singing classes, dance classes etc. The instrument classes are present in various stages as per the knowledge of the students. The school also tries to cater students of all ages and therefore, provides the classes for kids from 2 years to adults. Among our courses, we keep some fun and interactive courses to provide grooming and fun time for our students.

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Events and activities

Our school not only focus on theoretical learning of the music but also allow the students too actually practice it. This helps in polishing their skills and learning professionally. All our weekends and vacations are allocated for events and activities. These activities are related to the learning in school. 


We believe that appreciation is the key. Therefore, we ensure to hold parties and fun events just for appreciation of all our students. This helps in motivating the students to work harder in their learning and create a healthier learning experience overall.

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Traits of a Good Fine Art Printing Designer in Brisbane

Fine art prints in Brisbane are on the rise, and perhaps everyone is looking forward to having a cool print on their wall or for the next exhibition. The world of art is slowly but dynamically becoming booming in Brisbane, and taking advantage of art prints could be one way of having great arts.

Although everyone wants to have that cool art image of high quality, they may not know how to get them. Well, there are many art designers in Brisbane that can help you out with your fine art printing, but you need to choose the best of them. In this article, we will take you through how to choose the right art designer in Brisbane and some of a great fine art printing designer’s features. So let’s dive in.

1. Experienced

How many years have they been working with art prints? You cannot ignore this factor because it is the one that will determine how the image quality will be. In case you want a certain design, a good designer should make it without any issue. The experience matters, so you need a designer who has worked for at least five years.

2. Reputable

Is he or she known for their quality arts in Brisbane? Go for a designer who is renowned for its services. It should not be hard to get a reputable designer because they are known in the city. However, it would be best if you didn’t go for the ones that advertise themselves as the best, yet they are newbies in the field.

3. Innovative

You may not have all that you need to produce the fine art prints that you want. You need to have a great designer who can listen to your idea and add you to what they think matches your image. They are also very creative in their thinking. They provide you with the creativity that you are lacking and ensure you have the best prints.

4. Affordable

You are not to spend a whole fortune in getting one print. Although the designer is reputable, their fine art printing services should be affordable. Their pricing should be within the recommended rate. However, note that the price may vary from one art designer to another depending on the size, shape, and quality of the image you are looking for. Research the internet to know how much they cost for their printing services.

5. Registered

They could be having all the above features but lack the authorisation of operating in Brisbane. If you don’t want a designing company and designer tp disappear with your beautiful arts and end up selling them, ensure they are genuine and licensed to operate in Australia. You can go through the directory or ask Brisbane’s authority concerning the registration of the designer and his or her company.

6. Friendly

They should be friendly to work with and listen to whatever you tell them that you want. A good designer will be pleasant and easy to work with throughout the entire process until you get your print.

If only you get the right fine art printing in Brisbane, you are sure to have high-quality art prints for your business or decoration in your house.

Creative art supplies to shop for

If you’re inspiring to be the next Bob Ross, then going to an art supply store is the best way to perk up your creative juices. The inspiring art supplies displayed on an art supply store will surely get you going in no time.

A thousand and one art supplies are prominently displayed at any art supply store. Choosing the best ones can be challenging if you don’t know what you want and need. Make it easy on yourself and your pocket by choosing the following art supplies, to include:

Coloured pencils

Coloured pencils are the next best thing to have after choosing the right graphite pencils. Make your sketch come alive with the vivid and rich colours provided by coloured pencils. Make the pencils a better quality by going for student-grade products.

Gel pens

A gel pen is another essential artistic tool on hand. The bright colour pigments provided by gel pens make your drawing pop out like no other.

Colouring book for adults

Colouring books are not confined to kids alone. Adults can do colouring to their heart’s desire with the vast quantities of adult colouring books to choose from. Adult colouring books are the best to get creative in using gel pens or coloured pencils.

Cartoon drawing instruction books

Cartoon drawing instruction books steer you in the right artistic direction. The step-by-step instructions get you to draw your favourite cartoon character in no time.

White canvases

A pristine, blank, and white-coloured canvas can do wonders for your creativeness. It is one of the best art tools to encourage you to try your hand in painting the masterpiece you’ve always dreamed about.

Ink palette and calligraphy pen

Your yearning to create romantic-looking letters by hand starts and ends with an ink palette and calligraphy pen. Using these great artistic tools allows you to write gorgeous handwritten letters to all your loved ones.

Water brushes

Want to make your drawing look great even when it’s only a stick figure? Yes, you can with the use of the right water brushes. Choosing the right kind of water brushes can easily and quickly make your drawing look like amazing works of art.

Flipbook kit

If you aspire to create your own film, the flipbook kit is the right art tool to invest in. The blank cards included in the flipbook kit allow you the creative freedom to create an animated sequence.

Sketch book

The sketch book is a must for every aspiring artist. Starting your artistic career begins with a single drawing on a sketchbook.

An assortment of paint brushes

Having an assortment of paint brushes answers all your needs from painting a simple pair of eyebrows to more complex things.

A watercolour pan set

A watercolour pan set is an inexpensive way of beginning your artistic career. This cost-effective artistic tool takes the guilt away while painting to your heart’s desire.

Modelling clay

Stretching your imagination is best done with modelling clay. Shaping and cutting 24 colours of clay can inspire you to create the figures you’ve always imagined and envisioned.

An art supply store is a magical place to get your creative juices going. Try art supplies from Melbourne Etching Supplies if you want quality and the best value for your money..

Getting Past the Childcare Guilt

Twelve months of maternity leave is sufficient time for a mother and her child to bond enough. It does not matter when you will fully resume working as a career woman again, leaving your child at someone’s care may leave you feeling hollow. This guilt can only be softened by finding a reputable childcare facility to enrol your child in. Nothing is wrong with the guilt other than the concerns of a parent that wants nothing but the best for their babies. How do you, however, stop yourself from feeling bad about your kindergarten choice? Here are a few suggestions to get your mind back to normal.

3 Techniques of Overcoming Childcare Guilt Today

Appreciate the little time you spend away from your child

Children are angels, but they can be a nuisance, too, especially with the many inquiries and mess they make while playing at home. Every parent desires for some time to spend with their friends and spouses just to rekindle old memories. Taking your child to kindergarten gives the room to do so and, as such, hold dear to such pretty moments.

Find a care centre with a similar parenting style to yours.

To do away with that disturbing thought, take your child to a care centre that you can trust. How can you, however, find out if you trust them? Assess the policies of all your potential daycare centres and go along with the one whose doctrines favour your parenting style. Every parent’s desire to model their children to be the modest responsible adult and this helps you do so.

Assess how the child responds to kindergarten training

Every evening sit down with your child and talk about how the day has been. You will be surprised to see that your child’s life is going on, and so is their social circle. By knowing they are happy and growing wherever they are, any parent will feel comfortable for the time they are spending apart from their young ones.

How Do I Find The Most Ideal Preschool For My Child?

Parents are often faced with this question when dealing with their children. How do you know you can trust an institution to look after your child while you are away at work? Here are some simplified tips you can use to find yourself an ideal preschool for your child.

Seek recommendations

Before setting out to find the institution of your choice, you might get confused by the multiple daycare centres in your area. Talk to your social circle, for instance, friends and family for ideas on the best preschools for young children. They will recommend some great names for you to check, and that may give a hint on where to begin from, or better still create your shortlist.

Assess institution policy

Go through the various names of your son, your shortlist, and ascertain, which school has the best policies for your child. Find out their policies concerning issues like bullies, class preps and snack time, among others.

Verify their legal credentials

Before being allowed to enrol children, Nerang kindergartens need to be certified by the state. As such, they should present you with legal papers from the state showing the legality of the institution. Only such documentation can inspire confidence in you to enrol your child.

How To Make Your Day Care Center Brighter For Children

Children hate changes because they are not fully aware of the impact any transition makes for not all changes are as bad as they seem. Similarly, a child entering a day care centre may not be particularly indulged by the fact that he is being admitted into a strange facility. They may require some time to settle with other kids, the teacher and the environment itself. However, the parents can make this transition easier by entrusting the kids with better ideas and situations. This proves helpful because the parents are the only people they find reliable around them but since these facilities are where these kids have to spend half of their days, they should be helped to adjust comfortably.

Excite them

Tell them good and hopeful stories about how the child care brisbane centre will be a great change for them. Do not give them false hopes for it can prove to be a bad call on your side because if your child does not find the play area that you promised them on the first day, it could lead to days of tantrums. So be careful about what you say to your children and excite them with the right stories. Tell them small tidbits that you think might be helpful in engaging your child with the facility and helping them to adjust properly.

New equipment

Another thing that proves helpful in transitioning the child to a daycare centre is to buy them new things that will help them at the facility. These new equipment could include a cartoon bag, a cool stationary box, a spacey lunch box or a shiny color pencil box. It does not even have to be that expensive, you can buy a pencil and an eraser and the child would still be happy to use it at the centre. That is why the saying goes, kids get happy at the little things, live like a small child.

Snack packs

Kids get extremely happy at the sight of snack packs. You can just see the giddiness in their eyes and the infectious smiles that reach their cheeks getting to you. These snack packs do not even have to be unhealthy because you can organize a proper lunch box with organic and healthy food. But, it will certainly help your kids become settled in their classrooms as they wait for the recess to break and to indulge in the cupcake you have bought for this particular time.


For every day the child comes over happily back from the day care centre, try giving them a star for doing good or help them to their favourite hobby as a reward. It does not have to be expensive or time consuming for it can become a daily thing but it will definitely brighten the kid’s day.

“We unmask hate with poetry and music”

The collaboration between Adduci and Sulutumana led to the creation of a moving show that also won the Shoah Award: “La farfala sucullo”, a poignant fable between storytelling and songs, set in a concentration camp and centered on the figure of a gypsy, deported as they were Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, diverse and dissidents.

“A passage of that work suggested the key to” The words of hatred “- anticipates Galli – In a scene a Nazi tries to take a woman with violence, to which poetry is opposed. That of hatred, we are sure, is a doped language, which feeds on itself, which is magnified when it encounters other hatred, but which reveals all its littleness when it is unmasked. And this can be done by displacing with a song, with a lyric, with what they don’t expect ».

The appointment of next Thursday (the show is held at the Teatro San Teodoro in Via Corbetta 7 in Cantù, starts at 8.45 pm , free admission subject to availability) was conceived by Diogene, the weekly of Tuesday of La Provincia dedicated to good news , to the stories, to the third sector, to the world of volunteering. Before the show – from 6pm to 8pm – Diogenes’ souls will be in the theater foyer to meet the associations in person and collect suggestions, ideas and ideas.

To open the show on Thursday (at the end of which there will also be a toast with panettone to wish Merry Christmas) Luigi Colzani , president of Csv Insubria, will be on stage, among others , as well as the soul of the cooperative Il Gabbiano di Cantù and historic exponent from the world of volunteering, especially in the Canturino area.

3 Ridiculous Tips on Writing Songs That Actually Work

Searching Google for “song writing tips” will produce around 2 million results in 0.42 seconds. They are a bunch of suggestions.

These suggestions are special ones. Those that put you and your ideas in the foreground. Those that give you some time to concentrate, experiment and make your songs work.

It is about immersing yourself in finding that gold cast in the form of songs.

They could make people close to you ask you if you’re ok. They cause strange behavior.

But they work. Because they put you and your ideas first. “And you’re in pole position …” Here are 10 ridiculous exercises on how to write songs to put your tracks on the right track.

  1. Make 5 radio stations play at the same time
    You may want to do this when no one else is at home. Or at least keep the volume low. Surely your friends will worry that everything is ok.

Well it really works! It is known that Tom Waits uses this technique during his songwriting process . Good old Tom turns on a couple of radios and then pays attention to interesting overlays.

You will find interesting progressions and melodies. It’s like you’re sampling with the ear. It is pure storm to find inspiration.

Since it worked for Tom Waits, it’s definitely worth a try. So turn on all the radios, roll the dice and pay attention to the interesting overlaps.


  1. Look out your window for a long, long time
    The small room in which I make music has a small window. The view is quite limited: only a small blue rectangle with a cloud, a bird or a passing plane.

Yet I think I learned more about my process from that little blue rectangle than any other guide, tutorial or manual can teach me. It allows me to think clearly.

It doesn’t even need to be a window. Only something silent to be able to fix. Like a tropical aquarium , or a beautiful work of art .

In the present day we must actually make an extra effort to stay away from the hyper-fast distractions that are constantly around us (computers, mobile phones, etc.) to be able to find some precious time in silence.

Do you think Brian Wilson wrote “Good Vibrations” while replying to an email, calling an Uber, checking his plays on SoundCloud, or tweeting the weather?

I really know not.

  1. Don’t talk for a whole day. Just listen
    Make a temporary vow of silence. Your writing will thank you.

A whole day could be a little too much. On the other hand, you MUST talk in order to put down that vocal line of pure genius.

But it is no secret that silence is a good thing for you . Even an hour of silence is more than enough to restore the brain.

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